Saturday, October 29, 2011

Handmade Halloween, Part 1: Ollivanders

A friend linked me to this awesome DIY Harry Potter wand instructible and despite the fact that my crafting skills are generally limited to yarn and fabric, I think they turned out pretty awesome!  Now, Fanboys take note: we did not make any efforts to make our wands look like the ones belonging to the characters in the movie.  We just had fun with the design and colors.   

L-R: Hermione, Ginny Weasley, Harry, Mad Eye, Snape

Here are some in progress pics:

Adding glue designs to the rolled paper wands
My husband, who usually mocks my harebrained ideas, even got into the fun.
Fun with paint!
My wand:  Before Paint
My wand:  After paint (My daughter says it looks like for me)
A close up of the details
I did add a thin wooden skewer inside the rolled paper to add some durability to the wands.  My kids are not gentle. Additionally, one step I would add would be to put some sort of clearcoat over it when done, because the paint does chip off easily.   If time permits, I may go get some, but seeing as these only have to survive through Monday, I'm not that worried. 

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