Monday, June 27, 2011

A strong desire to make something totally frivolous

I have had a hellacious week of school and after what felt like an endless cycle of read, listen, cram, regurgitate, lather, rinse repeat....I got a slight respite in the urgency of my To Do list.   So I had this strong desire to make something.  Something totally frivolous.  Not the squares for the afghan that I am working on in my few spare minutes.    Nothing tedious.   Nothing that requires a lot of thought.   But something that makes me smile.

Enter the Sock Monkey Coffee Cozy.

Now I must spring for a celebratory latte at Starbucks tomorrow to give her a true test drive.

Here she is in her more "portable/purse-friendly" form:

She needs a name...
...and perhaps a bow.

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