Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That Goldfish Ate mah Baybee!

I bring you installment #2 in my "Amigurumi + $3 Walmart Onesie" project.    Except I do believe the fish is a tad big.   But he's just so cute! 

Here's another perspective to show how he will compare to the size of the newborn baby he just may devour.  I should probably make a smaller fish, but as you can imagine, I'm ready to move onto the next project.   And the embroidery...blech. 

I think if I added a third eye, he would make a cute Simpsons Fish.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I will destroy you with yarn. You will be destroyed, by me, with fibers of acrylic.

My crowning acheivement...MoJo JoJo from The Powerpuff Girls.   The consummate villian, a genetically altered, repetitive talking mutant chimp.   Perfect for the desk of my BFF Karen, who may or may not be genetically altered herself.  But she does have desires to destroy people. 

Starting with a Chuck the Monkey Pattern, I tweaked his legs, changed colors, dropped the tail, designed some clothes and added the hat.   Of course, I also had to make two of these at the same time, since my daughter would never allow me to send the finished product off to Aunt Karen without a fight.   Because of my ADHD tendencies, I forced msyelf to create 2 (or 4) of every piece.   I know myself well enough that if I made it to completion, it would be very difficult to force myself to start over at the beginning.

One more pic of the back.  I think the cape could have been longer, but by that point, I was all about *finishing*!

Now onto my next big project!