Friday, July 16, 2010

Last Minute Birthday Gift

Between a week of shuttling my son an hour each way for his special needs summer daycamp, discussing a potential move Down Under with my husband, finishing up the demands of my summer semester of college work and my regular life....I realized late Wednesday that I needed a gift for a Friday morning birthday party, with no time for a store trip.

Then I remembered I know how to crochet.  I have been wanting to try my hand at playfood, so I tried out a hodgepodge of patterns for my friend's 4yo little girlie.   Since it was such a mashup of foods, I threw it all in a Whole Foods grocery bag and hoped it would be well received. 

Ice cream came out a tad large for my tastes.  I'll probably try to make it more kid-sized next time.

Cupcake w/ cherry.   Super cute, maybe next time slightly less psychedelic frosting.

Carrot.   This pattern confounded me, so I just started to wing it and I think it turned out a bit lumpy, but we'll just call that "handmade character."

Oreos.   How cute are these?   So simple, too!

Strawberries, got a bit confusing on the greenery but I think I pulled it off.

Next time I might plan better and do a more coordinated gift, like a dozen assorted cookies, fruit salad or a picnic lunch.   Lots of potential for cute kid gifts though.   As long as the kids and parents don't mind a little "character."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Gift, Sweat Catcher and Swap Package!

Been busy, but wanted to wait to post pics til the recipient received her baby gift.  This is one of those gifts that looked better in my head than in finished form, but it was still cute enough to send.   I didn't get it done before baby J arrived, but it should still fit at 1 week, even if she was 9 lbs at birth!  I think in the future, I'll stick with premade appliques and just working the hat, booties and toy around it.   My hand sewing skills leave a lot to be desired.

Close up of critter:

Next up, I was working on Soap Savers for a swap package, at the same time I started Couch to 5K, and realized that the soap savers would make a great iPhone holder.   Done in cotton, it works well to contain the inevitable sweat that accumulates from my unglamourous attempts at fitness.   Better than shoving the phone in my sports bra strap at least.   Plus it crocheted up in <30 mins.

And finally, the dreaded swap package.  I joined a friend's surprise Swap Craft thinking I can make something cute for kids or babies, but the person I was matched with wanted something for the home.  Ugh.  I stressed, I searched, I pondered, I asked... I even briefly considered the crochet doll toilet paper cover.    But in the end, decided to go for bath goodies - 2 oversized washclothes (round and square), 2 soap savers (see pattern link above) and my standard gift of the bath mitt.  I added some pretty posies and a bar of handmade soap and hope the recipient likes. 

And all prettied up for mailing:

Next up, can you guess what this is supposed to be?