Friday, July 16, 2010

Last Minute Birthday Gift

Between a week of shuttling my son an hour each way for his special needs summer daycamp, discussing a potential move Down Under with my husband, finishing up the demands of my summer semester of college work and my regular life....I realized late Wednesday that I needed a gift for a Friday morning birthday party, with no time for a store trip.

Then I remembered I know how to crochet.  I have been wanting to try my hand at playfood, so I tried out a hodgepodge of patterns for my friend's 4yo little girlie.   Since it was such a mashup of foods, I threw it all in a Whole Foods grocery bag and hoped it would be well received. 

Ice cream came out a tad large for my tastes.  I'll probably try to make it more kid-sized next time.

Cupcake w/ cherry.   Super cute, maybe next time slightly less psychedelic frosting.

Carrot.   This pattern confounded me, so I just started to wing it and I think it turned out a bit lumpy, but we'll just call that "handmade character."

Oreos.   How cute are these?   So simple, too!

Strawberries, got a bit confusing on the greenery but I think I pulled it off.

Next time I might plan better and do a more coordinated gift, like a dozen assorted cookies, fruit salad or a picnic lunch.   Lots of potential for cute kid gifts though.   As long as the kids and parents don't mind a little "character."

1 comment:

  1. Love it..I've been wanting to make that ice cream for a while now.

    I like the psychedelic frosting...but it's probably brighter in person?