Monday, August 23, 2010

Under attack from UFOs

UFO = UnFinished Objects

Yeah, I have been enjoying my break from school by starting umpteen projects and not finishing them.   I also failed at a baby hat.   Started a giraffe that was supposed to be a baby toy and will end up being the size of said newborn.   And bought a pile of baby clothes to coordinate crocheted critters with.   Said critters that I will never have time to make in the week before school starts. 

As for completed objects, I did finish this adorable mouse set for a friend's new baby.  I love him to pieces and think I will definitely be making more of these guys.   He's white because that's what I had on hand and I used cotton yarn which made a nice sturdy doll for little baby hands.   He also has bells inside.  I tried to put some scrunchy material in the cookie and its just barely audible.  I'll have to experiment more with this concept.

I also made this cute rattle.  It started as a ring, but I didn't like how the rings were coming together, so I just attached the tube to this star and threw in a couple bells.   Bells, bells, bells.  I love bells!  Can you tell?

Now back to my pile of UFOs before they abduct me.

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