Friday, August 24, 2012

It looked better in my head

So I'm on a coffee cozy kick as I build up inventory for a craft fair.  I love coffee cozies, because the "canvas" is quick to whip up (unlike a blanket or even a hat) and then you can add all kinds of fun detail which appeals to my right brain. 

In the midst of sharing my various coffee cozy creations, I had a request for a VW Bug cozy from a friend who is a VW Bug enthusiast.   Being somewhat of a fan myself (my favorite car in the world was my baby blue 69 Beetle, may she RIP after I blew out her engine trying to drive her from CA to GA...*sniff*) I had to pick up the gauntlet.

But alas, it looked so much better in my mind.   I can see that it looks vaguely car shaped.  But Beetle-esque?  I went with the convertable to work around the idea that, by design, a coffee cozy cannot have a domed top.   The headlights and front bumper look crammed together and I cant quite get that rounded front end I was looking for.

I may try again, after the craft fair.  Or I may skip the coffee cozy challenge, and make a straight up plushie.  

Unless my dear readers have any ideas to make it more Bug-shaped? 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Boobies and Bumblebees

My son's private Special Needs school is called MDE School and their "mascot" is the bumblebee.  So I felt inspired to create something for the school this year.   Let me tell you, the bumblebee was cute, quick and did I mention cute?  I could make 12 of him.    The letters on the other hand....quick, sure.    But of the persnickety pattern type where you constantly need to check the pattern while working, "wait, was I supposed to decrease on this side or is that the next row?"   Of course, when making angled and perfectly symmetrical letters, one must be persnickety and the pattern is well written, easy to follow and cheap at $1 per letter.   Just not good for a distracted crocheter like myself.    Oh and she even offers some letters free.

Unfortunately, my 4yr old loves the letters.  And she is learning letters.  Thus, I feel a compulsion to crochet her a set of her own.    Luckily school starts in less than 2 weeks and that does a pretty good job at squelching any and all creativity on my part.

"But what about the boobies?" you may be thinking.  I bring you the boobie hat.   I sooo wish these were around when I was nursing my kiddos.  I love the "in your face" statement it makes about nursing in public (AKA...get over it!) and it's so fun and quick and easy to make.   I especially like that the pattern comes in sizes beyond newborn, since some of us *cough, cough* nurse a bit longer.

I cant wait to see it in action, once my friend has her newest babe and the weather cools down a bit!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cuddle Cuddle Up It

Yeah, I was commissioned to make a Cuddleuppet, a blanket that's a puppet.    Which is apparently the most "coolest toy in the world, a'cause the pink monkey comes with a t'nana that he eats!"

Who am I to turn down commissioned work paid in hugs & kisses?

Except the monkey puppet pattern that I tried to follow had some very confuzzling directions, which caused me to just branch out on my own and wing it.  "Wing it" is apparently Jenn-speak for "create a monkey-like head that resembles a cow."

But the recipient is happy, especially once I added the t'nana.

And the other little girl has requested a pink poodle version with a crocheted dog bone.