Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taking on Big Doll, one remnant at a time!

I love when I can make something awesome for little to no money and time!

Take one pre-shirred, pre-hemmed .375yd fabric remnant for $0.75.   Cut into two pieces:

Throw two girls in a tub full of water:

Add one Dollar Tree hairband (from a pack of 5, so $0.20) and an existing black T-shirt:

And get one really happy matchy-matchy girl for less than $1 and 30 mins:

(I bought 2 of those remnants at $0.75 each, so I will be making another little girl happy eventually, but I need to find a Tshirt to use)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

If only everyone was 18" tall

I'd have the whole world dressed in handmade clothes!   I love how quick and easy doll clothes are.  And there are so many free patterns online.    I had some cute left over disney fat quarters, so I made an ensemble for a friend's daughter's birthday gift.

First up, a reversible Wrap Skirt.   So fast and easy and it's cute on the dolls. I made three in about an hour. BTW, see that bodkin on the skirt below?  How did I sew pants and skirts and diapers all these years and never know there was a tool for threading elastic through a casing?    Sayonara safety pin, you have been replaced by a $4 upgrade.

Next up, cute knit Tshirt with applique.  One thing I learned form some of these doll clothes sites is that you can repurpose old clothes and save hems and such to save time.  I did this with a Tshirt in good condition, other than the mystery stain all over the front.

The ensemble needed more, so I stitched up a Mickey Ears hat (freehand, no pattern) and added a coordinating bow.   It still needed more, so I added a cute purse from the Tshirt fabric and ribbon.  

This shows the princess fabric on the reverse side. 

The patterns work for the Madame Alexander dolls, as well, which tend to run a bit thinner in the shoulders and hips.

I'm getting a strong desire to go to WDW...

I have 2 more Tshirts cut out and one skirt I am making from the cut off bottoms of a pair of my son's pants that I am hemming into shorts.   This is so fun.  

Two more pics...I found some strips already cut from years ago when my 6.5 yr old was a toddler and I was on a patchy/strippy skirt kick.   So I whipped 'em into shape, added a ruffle based on this easy technique and made a little 4 year old happy with her new "fancy skirt."

And two more Easiest Little Girl dresses.  Man, I love that pattern.  So quick & easy.  I have been on a bit of a sewing roll lately.    School starting in 2 weeks is going to be a major buzz kill.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Sewing

So to update the pillow case nightgown post, here are the pics of the nighties in action.

Oh and after all that work making the waffle knit straps and then cutting then down and sewing them nice and flat, it still hung too low, so I snipped em and tied a knot.    She's happy, though, so I'm happy.    Regardless, I am not *in love* with the pillow case style dress, because its so hard to get a good fit across the top.

Which is why I fell in love with Nancy's Notion's Easiest Little Girl Dress.   I learned so much from that 5 min video.   I finally mastered Bias tape, I learned a quicker way to attach elastic and I learned that I TOTALLY NEED that bodkin and that hem edge sewing template.  Plus, this style of dress is just as cute & easy as the pillowcase dress, with a much more kid friendly top.  I also plan to make a few dresses for her Little Dresses for Africa project.

I bought the last bit of this kitty cat fabric, so it wasn't exactly long enough for two dresses, but it works as a dress for the little and a shirt for the big.   I need to go get more bias tape so I can finish the second one.

Here are my goofy girls, modeling the shirt length and the dress length...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sewing makes me happy

I did most of my sewing when my oldest was a toddler and before the second became mobile.   I picked up crochet specifically because it was a more kid-friendly crafty venture.  Well, I tried knitting first and failed miserably at it.   But either way, crochet allows me to pick it up and put it down easily, I can do it in any room of the house, even outside while waiting for the school bus and watching a kid play bubbles in the yard.   But now that my kids are getting old enough to give me space to work with sharp objects and an iron, I am enjoying the venture back into sewing.

Little known fact, my first sewing project ever was a cloth diaper.   I will have to dig up some old pics of that bad boy!   Actually, it was the Honey Boy pattern that I taught myself to sew with.  Ahh...memories.

Anyway, back to today.  I made up 5 more of the gift card holders for my son's teachers.

He has some special needs, so I always appreciate any effort he puts into something like this, but he really worked hard drawing a picture for each individual teacher that we laminated and slid into the side of the pouch opposite the $tarbucks gift cards.

These are such a fun little project.  I have a bunch cut out, I might whip up a few more to have on hand for last minute gift ideas.    So quick and cute, too! Oh and I may have snagged one to use as my own little mini-wallet.

Next up, Pillow Case Dress PJs for the girls.  I had some cotton that I bought years ago thinking I'd make curtains, but it's so thin and sheer, I didn't think it would look good against a bright window.  So it seemed perfect to try my hand at pillow case dresses and use as lightweight nightgowns.

The hardest part was the ties.  Since I planned on washing these often, I decided to use fabric ties vs ribbon.   The woven one was fine, the knit one took forever to turn and my hands were both cramping.  

I tend to be a "cut-twice, curse often and measure after the fact" kinda sew-er.  So I was thrilled to see that the ties were actually the same size!

And then when I tried one on my older daughter (the one with the knitted waffle ties that took me sooo long to perfect) she hated them.  I was instructed to cut them off and add a button.   Well, I chopped and sewed to make straps (eyeballed, of course) that will hopefully please my uber-sensitive princess and the pea.

And finally, the one with the real ties.   Will hopefully get pics of both being modeled tomorrow night at bedtime!

And lest you think I have forgotten about my poor hooks, I have been crocheting up a storm.  A couple projects are gifts and cant be blogged yet, but I do have two My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic hats to show for my school break crafting madness.  I present Rarity and Twilight Sparkle, complete with cutie marks....

And in play:

Yeah, they aren't great, but I have 4 more ponies to perfect my craft.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Release the creative kraken!

So the last month of this semester has been killing me. SO much to do. Even when I am not doing it, I feel guilty for doing stuff like dishes instead of writing my papers. So yeah, no crochet, no crafty stuff. The closest I have gotten to creative outlet has been an owl hat I did on the drive back from KY where I went to work on a school project. And a baby blanket for a friend that is so boring, it's about killing me. Killing me! I cant wait to get over the vast plain of off white and get to the good embellishing stuff.

So anyway, as finals come to a close and papers get written, I have been on a sewing kick. Too many fun ideas on Pinterest. First, the pillow case. While the original idea for the pillowcase came from the Birthday pillowcase I found on Pinterest, the actual construction of the pillow case was based on a recommendation from the fabric cutting lady at Jo-anns. The Sausage Pillow Tutorial. It's so awesome and so easy. I love it! So I found some $1.50 clearance Hanna Montana fabric (and some not clearance Toy Story fabric) and made pillow cases for my 3 kids. They love them. And I got to use up some other fabric scraps for the trim.

Next up, these adorable little gift card holders. I had fun browsing the fat quarter section at Jo-anns and found them to be super quick and easy to work on with kids and short attention spans. I had 6 cut out but only made 5 due to a lack of hair bands. And dangit, I know this house is swimming in them!

Oh well. 5/6 teacher gifts done. Just need to slip in a Starbucks GC and then have the kids write a little note to slide onto the other side.

Now let's see how much other fun stuff I can get done before school picks back up in June!