Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Release the creative kraken!

So the last month of this semester has been killing me. SO much to do. Even when I am not doing it, I feel guilty for doing stuff like dishes instead of writing my papers. So yeah, no crochet, no crafty stuff. The closest I have gotten to creative outlet has been an owl hat I did on the drive back from KY where I went to work on a school project. And a baby blanket for a friend that is so boring, it's about killing me. Killing me! I cant wait to get over the vast plain of off white and get to the good embellishing stuff.

So anyway, as finals come to a close and papers get written, I have been on a sewing kick. Too many fun ideas on Pinterest. First, the pillow case. While the original idea for the pillowcase came from the Birthday pillowcase I found on Pinterest, the actual construction of the pillow case was based on a recommendation from the fabric cutting lady at Jo-anns. The Sausage Pillow Tutorial. It's so awesome and so easy. I love it! So I found some $1.50 clearance Hanna Montana fabric (and some not clearance Toy Story fabric) and made pillow cases for my 3 kids. They love them. And I got to use up some other fabric scraps for the trim.

Next up, these adorable little gift card holders. I had fun browsing the fat quarter section at Jo-anns and found them to be super quick and easy to work on with kids and short attention spans. I had 6 cut out but only made 5 due to a lack of hair bands. And dangit, I know this house is swimming in them!

Oh well. 5/6 teacher gifts done. Just need to slip in a Starbucks GC and then have the kids write a little note to slide onto the other side.

Now let's see how much other fun stuff I can get done before school picks back up in June!

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  1. My sewing maching is one of my best friends:) Great job!!