Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Sewing

So to update the pillow case nightgown post, here are the pics of the nighties in action.

Oh and after all that work making the waffle knit straps and then cutting then down and sewing them nice and flat, it still hung too low, so I snipped em and tied a knot.    She's happy, though, so I'm happy.    Regardless, I am not *in love* with the pillow case style dress, because its so hard to get a good fit across the top.

Which is why I fell in love with Nancy's Notion's Easiest Little Girl Dress.   I learned so much from that 5 min video.   I finally mastered Bias tape, I learned a quicker way to attach elastic and I learned that I TOTALLY NEED that bodkin and that hem edge sewing template.  Plus, this style of dress is just as cute & easy as the pillowcase dress, with a much more kid friendly top.  I also plan to make a few dresses for her Little Dresses for Africa project.

I bought the last bit of this kitty cat fabric, so it wasn't exactly long enough for two dresses, but it works as a dress for the little and a shirt for the big.   I need to go get more bias tape so I can finish the second one.

Here are my goofy girls, modeling the shirt length and the dress length...

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