Saturday, May 26, 2012

If only everyone was 18" tall

I'd have the whole world dressed in handmade clothes!   I love how quick and easy doll clothes are.  And there are so many free patterns online.    I had some cute left over disney fat quarters, so I made an ensemble for a friend's daughter's birthday gift.

First up, a reversible Wrap Skirt.   So fast and easy and it's cute on the dolls. I made three in about an hour. BTW, see that bodkin on the skirt below?  How did I sew pants and skirts and diapers all these years and never know there was a tool for threading elastic through a casing?    Sayonara safety pin, you have been replaced by a $4 upgrade.

Next up, cute knit Tshirt with applique.  One thing I learned form some of these doll clothes sites is that you can repurpose old clothes and save hems and such to save time.  I did this with a Tshirt in good condition, other than the mystery stain all over the front.

The ensemble needed more, so I stitched up a Mickey Ears hat (freehand, no pattern) and added a coordinating bow.   It still needed more, so I added a cute purse from the Tshirt fabric and ribbon.  

This shows the princess fabric on the reverse side. 

The patterns work for the Madame Alexander dolls, as well, which tend to run a bit thinner in the shoulders and hips.

I'm getting a strong desire to go to WDW...

I have 2 more Tshirts cut out and one skirt I am making from the cut off bottoms of a pair of my son's pants that I am hemming into shorts.   This is so fun.  

Two more pics...I found some strips already cut from years ago when my 6.5 yr old was a toddler and I was on a patchy/strippy skirt kick.   So I whipped 'em into shape, added a ruffle based on this easy technique and made a little 4 year old happy with her new "fancy skirt."

And two more Easiest Little Girl dresses.  Man, I love that pattern.  So quick & easy.  I have been on a bit of a sewing roll lately.    School starting in 2 weeks is going to be a major buzz kill.

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