Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Utterly Redonkulous

This is one of those hand made gifts that went a bit too far, I think.   My neighbor will either love it or just nod and smile politely and pack this hat away for perpetuity.   But she is expecting a girl after already having a boy, so maybe she'll be down with the deliciously, syrupy cute stuff. 

It started out ok, with this super adorable little outfit and a matching cupcake toy/rattle.   (loosely based on this pattern)

But then I decided it needed a hat.


Here's the hat as modeled by life sized newborn doll, baby Jack.   I made it a tad big for Jack's head, since the outfit is 3-6m.  

I am veering dangerously close to crocheted-doll tissue box cover territory here....

1 comment:

  1. Don't dis the tissue box covers. I'm thisclose to crocheting TP cozies. LOVE the hat, by the way. I have a book called, IIRC, Too Cute Crochet that is all silly hats and such for babies, and includes a Hershey's Kiss hat!