Thursday, September 9, 2010

Last Minute Baby Gift

I have been procrastinating on the baby gift for the last mom I will be supporting at work, mainly because her baby has been procrastinating on arriving.   After 3 false alarms, her baby will be here this weekend as she has agreed to an induction (that I couldnt talk her out of if I tried lol), so I realized I needed to get on the stick making a baby gift.   I have coordinating boy outfits with a lion, a bear, a frog and a whale and I decided to go with the whale motif, using this pattern (with slightly less crazy-eyes).

Coupled with a $1 clearance three-piece organic cotton baby set and its a great last min gift.

I just finished another adorable baby set, but I don't want to risk the recipient seeing it, so those pics will have to wait.

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