Saturday, September 1, 2012

It would have been easier to crochet a bike!

Yes, I'll tie this in somehow to my crochet blog, that is really an all purpose DIY/Crafty blog.    And this was hard enough work to be considered DIY!

My son, who has autism, gets these wild hairs about stuff (I need a snack that starts with K!  Remember my speech therapist from 2nd grade, can we meet her for lunch TODAY?  I need to ride a bike NOW!) and I usually try to accomodate those.  

But the bike thing is tricky.   He outgrew his bike with training wheels, I bought him a bigger bike and a pair of add on training wheels, but the axle wasnt big enough to attach them.   He isnt coordinated enough to steer, pedal and balance.   Hence the problem.

So I set out to create balance bikes for both him and my 4 & 6yr olds who also need to learn to ride on 2 wheels. 

And lo and behold, taking the pedal mechanism off a bike is not that easy!   So I figured I would blog it up and share the youtube videos that a friend shared with me and pay it forward, so that you, too can be drenched in sweat, grease and the satisfaction of makig your own balance bike out of a thrift store cast off, an awl and a hammer!

First up, removing the pedals...did you know the key is that the screws are threaded backwards?  Heh, yeah, that's kind of a key piece of info.

Next, how to remove the chain.   Yeah, who knew the chain was threaded through the solid part of the bike frame.  Well, not I, until I got to that point in the deconstruction process.

Not many things can make you feel invincible like solving a problem with an awl, a hammer and a bolt!   

And voila!  A pile of mangled bike parts to show for the better part of my Saturday!

And one happy little learner:

A happy big learner:

And one who is pretty much ready to move to pedals and no training wheels.  She's got this!

And I get to smell like grease all day! 

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