Sunday, October 31, 2010

Christmas: 2 of 20

My goal is to create 20 different small ornaments/figures for Christmas to use as gifts for teachers, therapists, bus drivers, friends, etc.   Maybe coupled with some homemade treats.    Since I love small quick projects and variety, this should be right up my alley. 

The poinsettia was deceptively long and tedious.  I wanted to make the second row of red petals but I couldnt stomach the thought of 6 more repetitions, so I assembled.   Its still pretty cute.  

The snowman, I love!   He is so cute, I just want to snuggle him and keep him myself.   I started following this pattern, but their head was about the size of what I wanted for the body, so I just pretty much worked the rest of it out myself.    (The red on both looks a bit orange, but they are bright red.)

18 to go!