Sunday, May 1, 2011

Commissioned work!

A photographer friend asked me to make her an owl baby hat.  So we looked around and found a pattern for something close to what she wanted.   She did not want sleepy eyes, so I winged it on the open eyes.  

Visually, its super cute.   But I think the hat may be a bit too tall?  Or I just need a real 0-6m baby to test it on.   Not sure about the two-tone look.   And the cheap bulky yarn I picked up at Walmart today for my test run crocheted up a bit stiff.  I think I will take the hat to the local yarn store and ask them to help me pick a natural fiber yarn that will crochet up soft and fluffy, since I kinda have Teh Yarn Dumb.  

Now to see if the friend who commissioned the work likes it. 


  1. Your photographer friend is THRILLED and extremely grateful. Woot Woot and Hoot Hoot !!!
    Thank you ~

  2. To me, the sleepy owl just messes up the humor of the hat. Babies are mostly little featherless night owls as new mommies know only too well. Showing the owl's eyes shut is misleading and not nearly as cute IMHO.