Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bunches of Baby Blankets

I've been crocheting, even if I am not posting.    Been having fun with testing a pattern for a cute baby blanket.  Here is my finished product as per the pattern instructions.  

Close up of corner:

I really enjoyed this.  The "pineapple" part in the middle provided enough challenge to keep me from being bored, but enough repetition to be able to work on it with all of the distractions in my life.   In fact, I loved it so much, I wanted to make one for a friend who was expecting a baby boy.  But the pastels I chose for the test pattern weren't "her" so I tried with some blues and browns but the yarn and colors just werent coming together.   So I thought...maybe I can add my own word....

Which led me to create this blanket for this friend who founded our local ICAN chapter and continues to be an amazing source of inspiration and support for birthing women all over, not just locally.   I love how it turned out, even with the upside-down awareness ribbons which represent cesarean awareness.   I think it makes a statement while if you dont look close enough, its just a crocheted baby blanket.   I like functional gifts.  Better than a yarn uterus, right?

And here is a blanket I made awhile back from the Waldo's Puzzle square that I liked.  I added the loops on the corners so that paci's or toys can be attached.    I love the color scheme, too. 

It still amazes me that I am cranking out baby blankets like they are nothing when I swore to myself I would never complete a blanket after my first failed attempt.  Apparently, the key is just not working in rows.   Around and around in a square keeps my interest enough.   Go figure. 

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