Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stars and Stripes forever

And by that I mean "OMG it took me forever to finish this freaking flag square!"

Whew.  The pattern was hard to follow, probably because I kept starting and stopping (and working on it through 3 Harry Pottters and the first Narnia wonder it felt so epic!), so I attempted to wing it.  Which resulted in thin stripes, fat stripes, 12 stripes....grrr.   

Dropping and picking up three different yarns was definitely a learning curve, too!

Frog and frog and frog...and Old Glory is finally done.   Albeit, a bit wonky.  Even with 39 stiches across the top and bottom, she still looks a bit trapzoidal.   Oh well, nothing a little border can't hide, right?   Uh...maybe not.    But eventually, she will be stitched into the Hot Mess Calendar Blanket, so I cant imagine a stitch or two of wonkiness will detract from this disaster of color and design, this nightmare of feng shui, this granny square afghan that would make granny cry.   

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