Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wig of Doom!

So I made a cute little crown for a friend's 1yr old's Birthday but it needed something to go with it.    All day I mused and finally decided on a princess doll.   The problem started when I decided that 10pm, the night before the party was the best time to look for a doll pattern.    But feeling overly confident in my quick crochet skills, I went with it.    Here is the account, with a special emphasis on Wig of Doom!

10:05pm, Friday night - Found pattern!

10:22pm - Whipped up a head & torso.  Oh yeah, I'm awesome.  What can't I do?  Hah!  Time for a FB break. 

What do you call a doll with no arms and no legs near the kitchen sink?  Dawn!

10:30pm -  Time to stat that wig.   Amigurumi hair is a royal PITB but this curly headed style looked quick & easy.   

10:40pm - This wig involves my least favorite thing in crochet - single crocheting into a chain.   Over and over and over again.   OMG, my wrist hurts and I already have a callous.   Six done.   That's 1/3 of the wig.  I'll save the rest for tomorrow. 

This could also be the start of a great Halloween spider.

11:05pm - I'm still wide awake.   Maybe the skirt is easier than the wig.     Yes, yes it is!

11:21pm - Still awake enough to attempt a teeny, tiny crown.

11:30pm - Tired.   Should work some more on wig, since party is at 11am tomorrow.  But surely the rest of it will go quick, right?  I only have 12 more curls to go.    Off to bed with my still aching wrist and calloused fingers.

8:30am - A leisurely Breakfast. I've got plenty of time.  

9:00am - Force myself to work on 6 curls.  OMG.   Hands already hurting.  Made it through 3 and had to talk myself through the other 3.   "Just 3 more and you get a break.  You can do it.  OW OW OW"

9:15am - Setting aside Demon Wig, I knock out the arms, legs, ears.   Easy, peasy.   

Dismembered body parts,  crocheted Jeffrey Dahmer not included.

9:40am - Decide that its time to assemble rather than finish last 6 curls of wig.   After seeing assembled, hairless doll, I briefly consider leaving her like this.    Bald is kinda hip these days, right?  Edgy?  Like Brit Brit when she told the paparazzi to get bent and shaved her head.   Surely that's what every one year old hipster needs, right?  A bald, edgy doll?  

9:51am - After a bolstering cuppa Joe and a self-pep talk, Wig of Doom is finally complete!

Don't look directly at it, you may turn to stone!

10:05am - Final assembly and a quick pic before I hid the doll in the gift bag, lest my daughters insist that I make them each their very own princess dolls!

Well, I guess I could make them their very own princess dolls.   "Here you go, sweeties!  This one is Edgy Brittany and this one is Sinead.  Enjoy!"

10:31am - After a quick shower and kid wrangling, we somehow make it out the door.

11:05am - Only 5 minutes late.   Oh yeah, I'm awesome.  What can't I do? Hah! 

PS:  Is there anything cuter than a Beanling in a crown?

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  1. Cute! And that wig makes my usual habit of making hair from a huge amount of fringe seem like a cakewalk in comparison. I hate making spirals.