Monday, October 31, 2011

Handmade Halloween, Part 2: With a little help from Hogsmeade Village Thrift and Amazon

Because I am crafty, I put an enormous amount of guilt upon myself if my children wear ready-made costumes.  Because I am cheap, I cannot turn down offers of free stuff.  So my son was given a Harry Potter set up (robe, tie & glasses) so that just left me 3 robes to make - 2 for the girls and 1 for my husband. 

This tutorial was simple, the fabric was cheap at Joanns and the style is very forgiving of my "eh...its good enough" style of sewing.    Because my husband was Snape and just needed black on black, I did one layer.    The girls robes were lined with red.    The patches were bought off Amazon- $10 for 3.    I made three scarves using yarn I had on hand, going with the early years style because it was easier and required less counting of rows.

On their persons:

Youngest refuses to wear the scarf.   Must find a 3yr old Redskins fan to regift it to.
For Snape, I paired it with a thift store find of some gaudy faux-crushed velvet shirt with gold accents.  It was obviously part of a costume get-up (tags still on) but for the life of me, I can't figure out what it could have been a costume of.    Yes, I know Snape is all black, with high collar, bla bla.   I'm in grad school, ok?  I only play a seamstress on the internet the week prior to Oct 31st! 

For my Alastar "Mad Eye" Moody costumes, I used a thrift store trench coat, brown pants, boots, an eyepatch from Amazon, a walking stick from the State Park gift shop and a black shirt.   But on oct 29th, I realized I needed something else.    A leather vest with some sort of hardware on it.    With nary a pattern, I took some pleather and curtain rod hangers and made my Mad Eye vest, finished about 2 hours before my Sat night Halloween party:

Close up of the hardware:

As usual, I go through this enormous effort to create a family theme costume and we never seem to have anyone around to take a pic of all five of us together.  So here we are in two pics:

It was way too hot for the trench coat!
The wig was a Cher wig, turned Tiger Lily wig in '09, turned Snape wig in '11. 

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