Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Inaugeral Member of the Hat of the Month Club!

So my pseudo little sis is having a baby.   I am on a hat kick.  Naturally, I decided to whip up a few cute hats.  She likes orange, so I picked this gorgeous fall yarn and went to town on a basic hat & some elfin booties.   Found an outfit that coordinated and wah-lahTM, baby gift.  Perfect for a November baby.  But it didn't seem like enough...

She also likes Dr Seuss, so I attempted a Cat in the Hat-ish hat, but it ended up looking more Christmas-y, so I picked out a cute Xmas onsie to go with that one.  Still didn't seem like enough....

Yay, Costco!   Found a cute Monster Baby outfit and thought a baby-sized monster hat would be perfect.   Except once I got the hat done, it just looked too cute to monsterize it.  

It needed a little something else...oh, I know...a little Monster rattle! 

OH MY GOD!   Get it away from the BABY!   It will eat the baby's BRAINZ!    It's looking at me with that misshapen eye.  MAKE IT STOP!

I've never been more scared of something I crocheted in my life.  

I think the Target gift card will have to do as the "Little Something Else".    I may be the faux-Auntie, but I am not going to put myself on the hook for baby boy's future therapy bills. 

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