Sunday, November 27, 2011

I have mastered the yarn puff!

 Cat toys for everyone!   

My daughter is in a play and she is a Wintry, which is a sort of winter spirit who makes snow and ice and brings winter in and keeps it there until Sping comes along.    The director had a vision of these little white-clad business people.  But one morning, I woke up at 6:15am with a vision of a Wintry Hat in my head and it just had to be made. (And no, I could not get back to sleep...the curse of creative inspiration!)  As if I didnt have enough to do....I just committed myself to 4 identical...WHITE...hats.   Bestill my ADHD heart.

But isnt it cute?  I like that it combines an air of Seussical whimsy to the little white-clad business people. 

So the puff.   Boy did the puff give me trouble.  I tried so many, they were measly and flopsy and pathetic.   I googled 1,000,001 ways to make a yarn puff...well not really, but it felt that way.   I finally resorted to the cardboard circle cut out method and then learned that yarn type was key, as well.   A soft, shiny acryllic worked best, better than my stiffer acryllic and cotton puffs. kitten is happy as he is now the proud owner of a pile of cast off puffs. 

Oh and one Wintry is a little more non-conformist than the others, so I made him a colorful puff.   Three down, one to go by opening night this Friday.  

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