Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Faux Stained Glass

I am in love with stained glass.  I would sign up in a heartbeat for a glass class if I had the time and money.  Alas, I have neither, so I searched out a DIY version.   This was really, really fun.   And so open-ended.  And cheap, too!

First step, buy a frame from Dollar Tree.  For $1. 

Next, find a coloring page.  I originally wanted to do a mandala, but settled for something simple for my first try.   Here is a sampling.

Third, follow the steps in this tute.    With glue and paint and stuff.  

I had helpers.
I went back over the top with the black paint/glue
I love it!   Brightens up my kitchen window!

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  1. Featured on The Sitcom this morning! You did a beautiful job!