Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The easiest twirly skirt!

I love this circle skirt pattern.  I have attempted a twirly skirt, in particular this one that is supposed to be the most popular twirly skirt pattern on the web and the waist band ended up so thick and hard and bunched that it was not wearable by the intended child.   I figure since its so popular, it must have been user error on my part.  

But this circle skirt pattern, once you work out some simple math and draft up a pattern is hard to mess up, even by me!   I actually did the reversible version, since I didn't have any thick elastic like in the original   It's so quick, which I love.   Except when you sew your elastic casing before you turn the fabric right side out, in which case you spend 45 minutes becoming intimate with your seam ripper.   *ahem*  And trimming it with bias tape?   Brilliant!

So, reversible twirly skirt in some "vintage" Strawberry Shortcake fabric I've had forever.   Yes, I've had this since before the latest reboot of Strawberry Shortcake (in which she has much better hair) which is why I had a hard time selling my fashionistas on using the fabric because "ITS NOT THE RIGHT STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!".  No respect for the "vintage" there.   But apparently, I could have turned a fabric covered in loaves of bread into something fabulous with this pattern.

"It's so spinny!"


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