Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wonky is just another word for "Hand Made with Love"

Gifts!   I love making handmade gifts.  I find I think about the intended a lot while I am making it and it seems to connect me to people when we are all running in so many different directions these days.    Of course, that sentiment can backfire when a project goes on too long and I begin to curse the day I ever met that person or when a project becomes so wonky and haphazard that I wonder if the friendship will even survive the gift.

But I present to you, the cutest little owl set ever (just ignore the trapezoidal shape of the blanket.   (Remember, wonky = LOVE, dangit!).

I've been wanting to make a blanket with stuff applique'd onto it for awhile, but I learned I have little patience for creating the canvas.  Making the design on it was much more fun than the endless....vast...expanse...of white.   I gripe, and yet it's not even standard baby size.  I went with the ever popular "carseat blankie" size, which is just code for "I'm too lazy to make a full 36x36 square".

Blankie was free handed but inspired by this one on etsy, hat was a basic beanie with pom pom top and the owl rattle was from this pattern.

Next up, %^&@$^%#%$#%$#% super hero capes.

Apparently, my machine does not like faux satin because if I had a drink for every time my top thread bunched up and broke, I would be passed out cold under my sewing desk.    And I guess I am supposed to use some sort of different needle, because I kept getting "runs" in the fabric.

And my "decorative zig zag stitch" around the edge looks like it was done by that drunk right before she passed out cold.

But, alas, the reason why I do not sell my items, is because I look at this mess of satin and thread and think...."eh, kids will like it" and proceed to throw it in a gift bag anyway.    But I did have fond thoughts of the children and their mama while I was making it, so that counts for something, right?  In between curses and eleventythousand rethreads.

At least my kids approved.   Although they ordered a set in pink & purple, of course.


  1. I don't think anyone's machine likes faux satin. Love the owl set.

  2. Fo Shizzle on the different nizzle for the faux satin! I hate changing my needle for things but it really does help!