Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A brief synopsis of my crocheting history

My disclaimer....I am still a beginner.  I took a class Feb 2010, the intention of learning just enough to whip out some baby blankets for the new moms and babies at the ministry I work for.   Well after my first two scarves and the first attempt at a baby blanket, I learned I have no patience for repetition.  The blanket continues to mock me from the corner of my bedroom, but I swear to it, "you shall only be completed if I am threatened with bodily injury!"

So I moved onto something smaller.  Hats and booties.  After a series of regrettable and misshapen hats, I finally made a couple of cute gift sets for expecting friends and may have stuck with them had I not discovered Amigurumi!   Wheeeee!   How much fun is this?  Around and around and around we crochet, and little critters appear!

My first pattern turned out ok, but I learned I have a serious problem with face embroidery. 

Next I made a snoopy doll for a friend who calls her in utero child "Baby Snoop".  The plastic eyes and nose give a professional touch that masks the fact that his limbs are not exactly attached in an anatomically correct fashion.

Next I moved onto Powerpuff Girls and by the third one, I learned some valuable things like...leaving the tails long enough to stay woven in and using cheap Red Heart yarn, that may have the texture of 70s wallpaper, but its stiff and holds a doll head well!   But my daughter loves them.   I even did some modifying of a different pattern to make the professor, which has emboldened me to work "off pattern" some more. 

Like this Abby Cadabby "ball" I made for a friend's new baby, but which later gave me the creeps since its basically a disembodied muppet head that jingles.

I have also dabbled in shawls, slippers, baby rattles and cat toys.  Bottom line, I am still learning but continue to try to find patterns to tweak my interest and keep me going.   I have 4 things in progress now, but since one is a surprise for a friend, no pics til I am done.   If that ever happens. 

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