Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I present to you...a crib for Barbie's baby

Earlier in the day, my 4yo asked me to crochet her Barbie-baby a wrist rattle, a blanket and a crib.  I made a wrist rattle that looked like the baby had a basketball strapped on her wrist.  I cut a blanket from a scrap of fleece (lazy mom) and I scoffed at her idea that I could take a soft substance like yarn and make a structured item like a crib.

Until this evening as I lay on the girls' bedroom floor, waiting for them to settle down and surfing my iPhone, I came across this pattern for a crocheted box.    Hmmm, the wheels started spinning and of course I had to ignore the 4 current projects I am working on (1 of which I just started this morning) and the screaming from my carpel tunnel due to the frenzy of crochet I have been doing this week....and make my daughter a barbie baby crib!

Ignore the fugly yarn, she picked it out for my Bday this year.   And the cheap stuff does make a stiffer product.   For rows 9-10 I substituted a Ch + HDC and skipped a stitch around to make the openings kind of look crib-ish.    We'll see how the critic responds in the morning.  

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