Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teacher gifts!

Whew, good thing B only has 4 "teachers" to Thank this year.  In years past, its been closer to 12, with all of his therapists, aides, regular ed teachers, special ed teachers.   He's only been at his school for a month, so we don't know everyone yet.

So I crocheted up some bath mitts with cotton yarn and flowers to make them pretty. 

Note that I got turned around somehow and the orange one turned out lefty.  Still not sure what happened there, but I have asked B to find out if one of the four is a Southpaw.   Let's hope!

Then I added some delicious soaps from one of my neighbors and voila, pretty presents!  

The girls wanted in on the act, so I also whipped up a Monster Mitt that I think is adorable, but E has decided she is scared of it and will not allow it near her.   Eh, I could make scarier.  

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