Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 down, 15 to go!

After the Turkey Butt diversion, I got back into Christms ornaments.  I took another crack at a snowman ornament and, while this one is cute too, neither are ornament sized.  (I started with the Bo the Snowman pattern, but ended up going my own way again.)  One of these days I will make a snowman small enough to hang from a tree.   I used safety eyes instead of buttons and added a flower to his hat.  Not sure which eyes I like better.  Here are both snowdudes side by side for comparision.

Below the snowmen, is Fancy Ornament in Blue.   I added bells for a little flair because I wasn't sure Fancy Ornament was fancy enough.   But my daughter was thrilled with Fancy Ornament and declared that she wants it for her teacher and 2 more Fancy Ornaments for her other teachers.   Luckily, Fancy Ornament crochets up in record time, so I think I will knock one child's teachers' gifts out before the weekend!  

Finally, I made a gingerbread house ornament.  It wasn't too time consuming, I got the bulk of it done during our nightly pre-bed Little Bill episode, but its a bit picky with all of the small parts and the sewing.  I may do one more of these and attach all of the "candy" before I sew the two pieces of the house together.  I think that will make it go much smoother. 

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