Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Christmas

Who knew, scarves can be fun!   For someone who cant stand blanket crocheting, I am shocked at how much I have enjoyed both the broomstick lace scarf and this latest creation.  I love this Spring Scarf because its a repeating series of 8? rows that all have their own interest and it goes fast!   Pic doesnt do the purple yarn justice, but it's very deep and has shades of reds and blues woven through.   Perfect for the recipient who loves purple. 

I decided to try to modify the fingerless mitts pattern from my last post to incorporate the "flower" design from the scarf and it was decidedly easy!    Now I just hope it fits someone with more delicate hands because they sure dont fit my giant paws.

Pretty, pretty, pretty!   I need to go make a dinosauer or something.   Too much pretty around here lately!

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