Sunday, November 14, 2010

One gift for Gramma, one scarf missing

Well, I decided to try my hand at fingerless mittens.  Not being one who ever has cold hands, I was skeptical about their effectiveness, but I have been assured by cold handed moms in my "focus group" that these are awesome!   So with my daughters speech therapist and my mother in law in mid, I went to trying out a pattern.   It's a great, easy pattern that crochets up fast, as long as you get a handle on the front/back post stitch.  It's actually a fun stitch!   I wanted to make a matching hat for my MIL but didnt have enough pink yarn and wanted to use only from existing stash, so I made a white/pink stripey hat from this basic pattern, with a ribbed brim to match the mitts.   I added the flowers to the hat and the mitts just to spruce it all up.  I hope she likes them!

For a swap I was in,  I made this fabulous broomstick lace scarf and a matching hat.  The hat was a bit wonky, but the scarf was so pretty with the stitch and the fall colors, I had hoped it would make up for the hats' shortcomings.   Alas, by the time I finished the hat, the scarf went missing.  Gone.  Nowhere to be found.  I have torn every inch of this house apart and cannot find that scarf.   All I can think is that it ended up in a goodwill box and some lucky stiff is running around with my swap partners intended scarf for the low, low price of $2.92 (or half off on Wednesdays).   Sigh.   But here she is for posterity.

So for my ever patient swap partner, I decided to finish up the baby shells ear warmer.  I also love these colors and while its small and not as impressive as a scarf, it probably took me longer to make it, since it has so many color changes and eleventymillion ends to weave.   I hope she likes it. 

I'm also throwing in one of my snow dudes and a turkey butt for her.   :)

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