Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I have a new child to crochet for...Lanie the American Girl Doll

My DD got an American Girl doll for Christmas and while she told me she did not want any crochet for her doll, I ignored her and made Lanie some PJs.   I think they are adorable.   Slippers will be coming shortly!

I orignallly tried to noodle through this PJ pattern and was totally stumped by the pants.  Then I found another pattern by the same poster and I think she just did a lot of shorthand on that last pattern, so this one had more detail and made more sense to me.   I missed a row on the pants, so i added the ruffle at the bottom for length and kind of messed up the shirt a bit, because my stitch counts were way off, so I added a row of picot at the top for kicks and giggles.   I used this heart for the applique, but the yarn coloring makes it look kind of like a plum.  Still cute.

Note the huge yarn beast that is my purple yarn.   I can't believe I willingly chose to battle that monster just to make a doll outfit.   Blech.  

Lanie was spending the night at Gramma's house so I was hoping it would fit when she returned this morning.   It does!   It's a bit snug, but my daughter is happy and in the end, that's all that matters.   Score 1 for the mom!

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