Friday, December 3, 2010

My Magnum Opus: Stella the Wonder Dog

Sometime this summer, after completing MoJo JoJo for my friend, I decided to make Stella the Wonder Poodle for another friend from the same pattern creator, Delicious Crochet.    I thought it would be a quick and simple little dog that would crochet up fast and easy and I'd present it to my friend at our next book club.

See, this friend has a "sister" named Stella, who is a black standard poodle.  I have never met Stella in person, but I so love the stories, many of which chronicle how her parents love Stella more than her, so I just knew Stella needed to be made.  

Enter the loop stitch.   Whew.   What makes crochet so wonderfully appealing to me is the quickness of the stitch and that I only need to use one hand.   Loop stitch is a pull and a loop around, and pull back and a twist and a jump to the left and bring your knees in tight...oops sorry.  Got carried away.   Suffice it to say, loop stitch is a complete PITA but it makes a damn good poodle fur.

Then add in the fact that this pattern makes a GINORMOUS dog.   And that its 99% in one color.   And for things like need to make 4(!) of the same thing.   Bleh.  This is called ADHD Crochet because I get bored easily.   So Stella was put down, sometimes for months at a time.  Picked back up.   Put down.   Cursed at.  Locked away in a cabinet.   Picked back up again.

But finally finished.   I love her!    My daughter thinks she will be getting a white poodle soon.   I think I might tell her the pattern got lost in a forest fire or something.   


She is supposed to stand, but I don't think I stuffed her legs enough.  So tip to the wise if you attempt this pattern, stuff the legs very well! 

What a cute face!

Funny story about crocheting poodle legs with loop stitching at the ankle.   While happily crocheting a leg in the waiting room at a carwash, one might just happen look down and see what looks very much like an acryllic, black, crocheted model of a male organ. 

Come on...tell me you see it?   I was horrified when I realized that it looked like I was crocheting a sex toy, in public, while my 2 yr old played happily nearby.   (I mean, I usually save *that* kind of crocheting for after bedtime, amiright?)

But through it all, Stella is now done and I can feel less guilt that the poodle is out of the cabinet and now I shall happily move onto the angel, puppet scarves, ornaments, star wars guys, gingerbread house, nativity, scooby doo guys, powerpuff girls v.2 and the nutcracker that are waiting in the queue.

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  1. I have to say, I was absolutely overwhelmed to see "Stella Squared" pop out of the bag...and even more endeared to her knowing this, the "Story of Stella Squared". ♥

    Some things to point out--Jenn has never met my sister, but has seen plenty of pictures to know that she is going grey in the snout area To give you a perspective of how gargantuan this project is--each leg (ahem) is approximately 10 inches (ahem)--‎--and sits almost two feet tall from the tip of her front paw to the topknot of her head!

    To my further amazement, I just flipped her ears admiring (with my absolutely novice eye) the craftwomanship and--the underside is the palest pink. WOW.