Monday, December 6, 2010

Look Ma, no pattern!

I'm pretty proud of this guy, even if he does sort of resemble Beaker from the Muppets in a Nutcracker suit.   In an effort to save my wooden Nutcrackers from the destruction of a careless Clara (and her copycat little sister), I looked online for a crochet pattern and did not find anything.   Not even for purchase.

So I set about using techniques I have garnered from other projects to create my own Nutcraker, using one of my wooden dudes as a model.   I think he turned out pretty good.   Especially since I just "wung it" through most of the project.  I may try another (def need to work on the head to clothing transition as well as the Craxxy Eyes) but knowing myself, I'll probably just move onto the next project in my queue.  Or something unfinished waiting around patiently like the gingerbread house or the puppet scarves. 

He even stands if you balance him very carefully.

Close up of his Beaker face...

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