Thursday, January 6, 2011

The gangs all here!

I gave myself until Jan 6th to finish this nativity scene and I finished in the nick of time.   Whew!   My daughter has had a blast playing with these guys for a couple weeks now.   Jesus was lost and found quite a few times...hallelujah!   Eventually I would like to add a camel, a cow and a star, but when my 5yr old Pit Boss gave me permission to skip them this year, I took it.   For an ADHD crocheter like myself, crocheting 7 of the same figures was like torture.  Only the thought involved in making color choices saved my sanity.

Here's the whole gang, together at last (minutes before they are plunged into that storage box to languish for a year!)

Close ups:

They were made almost 100% in cotton for play durability but I used a little acryllic here and there for colors I didnt have in cotton.   All eyes are french knots.  

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