Thursday, January 6, 2011

Who says you can't crochet socks?

Well, apparently I do.  

Socks are my holy grail.  I have always wanted to know how to make socks.   Cute, warm, wooly, multi-colored socks.    I think my inspiration was the book Hello Baby that I bought while planning my first homebirth, that featured fuzzy knitted socks for the big siblings and the new baby.   Well, that child ended up being delivered in the OR and by the time my 3rd was born at home, socks were the furthest thing from my mind.   

I failed at knitting once, took up crochet and loved it.   So I kept telling myself, once I finish making everything I want to make with a hook, I will try my hand at knitting again, so I can make SOCKS!

Then I said, "Self...why wait?  Why dont you look for crochet sock patterns?  Because you know yourself, Self and you wont ever get to the 'end' of your project list". 

So I listened to Self and decided this Origami Sock pattern looked great!   So simple to make, lots of math and computations to ensure a fab fit!    I splurged on many balls of sock yarn and went at it, making the mother of all Cankle Socks.   I am not slim legged lady, but these socks should be renamed "3rd trimester in August" socks.   But they fit like a glove from toe to heel, so I am not completely Dum at Mathz.

Not to be dissuaded, I decided to make a pair for my 5yr old who requested them in blue.   I never turn down crochet requests from my angel so off I went, measuring and crocheting and measuring and sewing...only to make a sock that perfectly fit my 2yo.

Who then decided she needed her 2nd sock NOW and went at my sock yarn with a pair of scissors in an effort to motivate me. 

Two socks are done, were worn for 10 mins and I have decided to stick with hats and dolls.  At least until I get to the end of my crochet to-do list and can try my hand at knitting again.   (Shut up, Self!)


  1. I LOVE your site here! OMG! A fellow crocheter and ADHD'er! I feel at home. Now to see if I too can crochet socks!

  2. do u have the pattern for your daughters blue socks?

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