Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The "Just Add a Horn" Unicorn Purse

I think the most fun of this Horse Purse project was keeping my daughter guessing until the last minute as to what I was making.  Now if I was smart, I would save cute stuff like this for Bdays or holidays, but I am terrible at secrets and just cant wait to hand off the project as soon as it's done.

I think it turned out adorable, but the stuffing bulges a bit on the inside.  I did end up tying it off inside some, but I think if I made another, I would mess with the design a bit.   My older has requested her own pony/unicorn, but not a purse, which is fine because that's less steps for me.  

The view inside.  Not a ton of room, but just enough for a 2 yr old and her collection of trinkets!

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