Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Penguin Bowling!

A sweet little baby girl was turning 1.  I was there when she was born, during one of Atlanta's rare ice/snow storms that render the roads impassable.   When I got the wee early morning call, my sleepy husband rolled over and said "Can't she wait for the roads to clear?"  UH....

So of course I had to make something snowy and icy for this sweet dear's 1st Birthday.   The pattern called for 6 penguins.  I ran out of time and the ability to create more than 3 copies of the same thing, so my version has 3 penguins.   Much less clutter for the house, I told my friend. 

But overall, this is a super cute, super fun, fairly fast gift idea for kiddies of all ages. 

 The ball isnt as wonky as it looks above, but it does have a tennis ball inside for more "heft."

Nothing makes a toddler happier than wanton destruction.   "Do it again! Do it again!"

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