Monday, February 28, 2011

So there's this app you should check out...

A little late, but I finally discovered Angry Birds.   It was fun.  I thought my husband would enjoy it, so I told him to check it out when he got back in town on Friday.   By Sunday afternoon, I was ready to shove his iPhone where the birds don't fly.  He was officially obsessed. 

So before I left town myself, I decided to leave him a gift.  His very own Angry Cardinal, staring malevolently from his computer desk.   Nicely stuffed with poly pellets, for added "heft" (hey at least it's not a tennis ball!).   Not saying I will, but its the perfect size to throw at a distracted husband who says "just one more level and I will [feed the children/take out the trash/rejoin the land of the living]".

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