Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is this becoming an obsession?

Kids are on spring break week.  I cant read, I cant study, I cant clean.  The only productive use of my time is crocheting while they skate around the front yard.    I'm having too much fun with all of the patterns from the Angry Birds collection.

First up, Egg Bomb Chicken.   

Yes, he actually drops the egg bomb when you squeeze him.

Next up,  blue bird.   He doesn't do any tricks, since I am not sure that even the most skilled pattern maker can figure out how to make a crocheted bird turn into 3 crocheted birds.

Helmet Pig!

And the whole gang so far:  

In the queue...Yellow Bird, Black Bomb Bird and a couple of smaller pigs.  Oh and 'stash pig, of course!