Sunday, April 10, 2011

A tale of two Buttercups

Thanks to the magic of Boomerang, my kids like a bunch of shows that are so old, they dont have the characters lining the shelves of Toys R Us.   The Powerpuff Girl obsession in this house is one example.   So when I first started crocheting, I was thrilled to find this pattern and it was one of the first "big" projects I ventured on.  I was still very new at crochet and probably my biggest mishap on the dolls is that I did not use the right yarn.   I find the best yarn for dolls that will be played with is the cheap-o Red Heart Supersaver, because it crochets up very thick and stiff.  Nonetheless, my original PPGs were floppy, loose and had tons of ends coming out.   Not to mention the debacle I made of Buttercup's hair. 


So with a PPG birthday on the horizon, I've decided to take my slightly more honed crochet skills to this task once again and whip up 3 more girls.

And I think I rocked the heck out of Buttercup's hair this time!   I just started with an oval and sorta increased and decreased and lucked into the flips being in the right place.  I am thrilled with how she turned out.  

Original Buttercup looks like the "tweaker" sister who embarrasses the family at Thanksgiving.  

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