Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teacher Gifts, Pt 2

Finished hat & scarf combos #2 and #3.   I like how these came together.  

First up is a ruffle scarf that I saw on display at Joanns, I looked at the scarf and figured out the pattern all by my big-girl self!   I was very proud.   It's basically a variation of this pattern, but I did normal increases, instead of doubling each row, for a looser ruffle.    Warning:  It takes a boatload of yarn!  

The hat is a standard beanie with a ribbed (FPHDC, BPHDC) edge.   I found the perfect flower for accent.   Great pattern.   My fave flower yet, even if it's a little more complicated than the basic 5 petal flowers you can find online, it just looks sturdier!    Add a nice wooden button and done!

Next up, the Seashell scarf that has been in my crochet folder for over a year.   Fun, once I got the pattern, it worked up super fast.  I probably could have made it longer, but I was running out of time.    I wanted a little fancier hat to go with it, so found this cute pattern on Pinterest and went to town.  I think it stitched up a bit on the small side, but this teacher seems to have a small head, so I think it will work.    I used the flowers from the same pattern above, just omitting the last round to make them smaller.   I adore the color scheme! 

And with that, obligatory crochet is done!   Now I have a craft night to go to tonight and nothing to make....I'm sure I'll think of something.  


  1. Very cute!!! I love the flower embellishments!

  2. Pretty combos. Love the yarn you used for both of them!