Saturday, December 31, 2011

Who says procrastinators can't meet deadlines?

12 calendar squares done, just under the deadline.   Shhh, don't anybody mention that mayhap I should have actually had an assembled, finished blanket by year end.  I'll cut you!

October proved to be the most challenging.   There is a serious shortage of cute Halloween-themed squares and since it's my 2nd favorite holiday, it needed to be GOOD.   I saw some that were called "scary granny square" wherein the only scary thing about it was the fugly choice of yarn.   So I bought this cute spiderweb pattern and decided to use my newly minted spike stitch to make it all scaarrryyy and bloooddddyyy looking.   It worked, right? 

For the spider, I found this adorable spider pattern and thought she was high for charging $5 so I noodled out a (less cute) version of my own.    The first attempt was too big and has been relegated to cat toy.

Then we have November, the Turkey Square.    Yeah, he's cute, but really, can you imagine making 18 of these to create the whole afghan?  Does anyone love turkeys and/or Thanksgiving *that* much?   This just reiterated why this project is perfect for me.  I search, design, or noodle through the patterns for that one perfect square and then I move on.  No re-creating it 17 more times for posterity.  

And finally, the lovely and simple Christmas Wreath square.  I wanted a tree in the center, but I had a hard time finding instructions on making a square out of a triangular center and I had a deadline, yo!   So the wreath worked. 

And now, the 12 different colored, different shaped, completely uncoordinated Squares of the Year shall be assembled into one Hot Mess of a blanket for my son.   Who is Autistic and totally digs stuff like calenders, alphabets, presidents...stuff that has an order to it.

Ask me about that month that we listened to the Neil Sedaka song 578x/day

Edited to add:  I did swap out the ugly "egg" square for Easter in favor of the Warhol Bunnies.   

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