Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year's Crochet-olution

I like to crochet.  My kids are pretty full up on blankets, hats and crocheted toys.  I don't have the time or inclination to sell my crap on etsy or in person, with school & family demands.  Plus I'd have to deal with (shudder) customers.   What is a gal to do?

I have decided to do 52 ROAC (Random Acts of Crochet) for the year.   Hopefully I will be able to keep up with 1 per week.   But even if I end the year with a paltry 17 or something, at least I gave away 17 things to hopefully happy recipients.    I hope to do some bigger projects like charity squares or NICU hats, but also just random things I make for people for no good reason.    I also love the idea I read somewhere of wearing something handmade in public and the first person who compliments it, gets it.   Probably not a hat, but maybe a scarf or shawl.  

So for this first one, I made an owl because the pattern just looked really fun & cool.    One of my online (AKA "Imaginary") friends seemed to like the pattern when I posted it, so it's hers if she wants it.     She's one of those people who, without really knowing it, inspired me to go back to school and always has wise council for the folks our little corner of the internet.   

ROAC #1:  Funky Owl!  

I also made him a little buddy who may or may not end up as a cat toy. This size would make a good Xmas ornament, but not in pink. 

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