Friday, January 13, 2012

How hard can it be to smear glue?

It's not crochet, but I figure its within the rules to post about other random craft projects that catch my wandering brain's fancy and pull me away from the Hat Factory I am currently running right now. 

I keep seeing projects with Mod Podge on Pinterest and the idea of Mod Podg-ing some paper to a canvas has appeal to me because its...uuh....simple?   No talent in actually creating something that looks good onto the canvas is required.   Cut & smear.   Got it!

Mod Podge was $8 for the small jar at Michaels.   But alas, according to this blogger, you can make your own out of water + Elmers Glue.    I dont know about you, but I seem to have a problem keeping glue flowing around here.   After one application of Elmers glue to a kid's project, the bottle is hopelessly clogged and the whining begins.    Glue sticks arent much better, they dry up on us after about 1-2 uses.   But this blog is not about my adhesive related challenges, but more to explain why I had 3 half full bottles of Elmers Glue lying around. 

Those, plus a canvas my son "ruined" in a painting-while-manic state, plus a Santa pic and some scrapbook paper.   Prepare for the amazing...

Paint the edges black, smear on the homemade mod-podge...ok, that looks crappy, I think the pic needs a border.  Hey, what about this Merry Christmas paper I have?  I can add that to cover some of the edges on my border.   Why is there black paint on my red paper.   Oh crap, I didnt let the paint dry and now its all over my hands.   How much of this glue crap do i use? My red paper is too big, maybe I can trim it with a knife.

Ok, so maybe *some* talent is required.  But the plus side is that I can hide this away with the Christmas stuff and only laugh at my Mod Podge failure once a year.  

Eh, I've seen worse.  And the cute kids kind of redeem the picture, right?

(Note for future Mod Podge related crafting...actual pictures dont take to the glue-goo very well.  I want to make a wedding canvas, so I will scan & print a wedding pic first, onto regular paper.   We'll see how that goes.)

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