Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Hat Factory

Oh my goodness, I have been overrun by owls.   Owl hats are just about the cutest thing EVAH! and I happened upon a pattern that I just love.  It's so simple, fast, easy to work on brainlessly, allows for enough creativity to keep me interested and is just plain CUTE!  Did I mention it's cute? 

It all started on my quest for a cute baby hat.   For a boy, which I found this cute chunky blue, orange and green yarn...that turned out to be very pink & purply inside. 

And made this really, girly hat:

Which I promptly passed onto my 3 yr old, so now both girls have Owl Hats.  Note how much cuter the square-ish pattern is.   I love how it creates the ear/feather tufts.

So then I went to creating some boy boyish designs, experimenting with trim, eyes and beaks.

Mustn't leave out the girls.

And I've even made an adult sized version, but I ran out of yarn, so that one is currently an UFO.  

Yeah, I'm officially the crazy Owl lady.   My daughter has dubbed my new business The Hat Factory and is imploring me to sell hats at a craft fair.  If I find something cheap enough, I may do it.   Or I may decide that I am ready to move on from Owl Hats and never make one again.   

Oh, and I did make a fun beard hat in the middle of my owl frenzy for my friend's son.   

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