Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why does there have to be 6 ponies?

I needed something to make, simple, quick that was not an owl hat.  

So I stumbled across this pattern and thought...great, I could whip up a few My Little Ponies for my girls and it should be easy to do while listening to lectures, since school started back up this week. 


1.  The pattern is really complicated and requires checking it often.
2.  My body ended up being a misshapen mess that was not remotely horse-like, so I had to improvise.
3.  Improvising a pattern means I have to think while crocheting.  A lot.
4.  There are 6 of these in the new My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic series that my daughters are in love with.
5.   In no way can I make 1 or 2 ponies.  I must make all 6.   
6.  Each pony has a very intricate Cutie Mark on their haunch and I suck at embroidery.
7.  My daughters have already, very vocally, divvied up who gets what pony and are harassing me by the hour as to my progress on completing the project.

My kingdom for a time machine!

But here is Rainbow Dash.

Complete with Cutie Mark and wings.

Who has been played with non stop (and slept with) since her completion, approximately 48 hrs ago. 

Why yes, my child *is* playing in a giant pile of polyfil stuffing.  Is that a problem?
Off to go sew on Apple Jack's cutie mark.

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