Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bring on the apocalypse!

This is not just a crocheted bag, its evidence of my ability to make a net with nothing but a ball of yarn and a crochet hook.   Come the apocalypse, y'all can loot the gun store, I'm headed to the local yarn shop.  We'll see who eats better. 

It also makes a lovely disguise.  For keeping your mug off TV during all that yarn looting. 

It all started with a trip to Joann's for white yarn to...ready for it??? complete a project.   I found myself enthralled by the netted bag pictured on a roll of Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn.   The colorway didn't thrill me, but I picked up two balls just to get the pattern inside, so I could make the bag when my current project was done.

Once home, I began on the bag immediately.    After I mastered the netting stitches, I decided that I could turn this into a water bottle holder, with the benefits of it being smaller and quicker to finish.   So I did what any ADHD crafter would do, I abandoned the bag to start on the bottle holder.

This one remains unfinished because I have the idea to use D rings for the strap to help cope with the inevitable strap stretching issue.  I'll update whether it worked.  Once the project is done.

1 comment:

  1. When TEOTWAWKI happens, I will totally trade you yarn for guns. That way we both benefit. (And I probably shouldn't be typing this with my gun nut husband reading over my shoulder, LOL.)