Monday, March 28, 2011


I finished my daughter's blanket.  Finished!   This is huge.  I started crocheting with the express purpose of making baby blankets for the moms in the ministry I worked for who were expecting, because I thought crochet would be faster than knitting.   I never made it through my first *baby* blanket.  It was just so tedious and I kept folding it over at every it square yet?  Ugh.  

But my inability to finish a baby blanket led me to hats and other cute critters for the moms & babies I worked with and I truely discovered the artistic potential of crochet.  You can see, however, why the completion of a 44x55 inch kid sized lapghan is a big deal!

I love these squares!  They really broke up the tedium.  First you make 12 flower centers, then 12 flower petals, then add the backgrounds, then connect the 4 mini squares, then the border, lather, rinse, repeat.  Even the final border wasnt too bad, because it was simple and repetitive and I was able to do it while snuggled under the warm blankie watching TV. 

I kinda miss the project now that its over - that never happens to me!  I started an octagon lapghan for MIL and I find myself missing my daisy squares.  They have more character. 

However, my biggest problem is that I no longer want to give the blanket to my daughter.  Its mine!   All mine!   I made it!   Its so heavy (the solid colors are all cotton) and comforting and soft (the white and variegated is soft acryllic) and pretty.   But she's not giving it up.

OK, I did mess up a few things.  I changed how I joined my squares after the first 3.  I joined two squares upside down.  I put the first couple rows of my border on backwards.  But thankfully, the style is very forgiving. 

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