Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Square City

The flower squares are done!  48 5" squares combined to make 12 12" squares.   Now I just need to assemble and border it.   I will use white and the varigated yarn from the flower centers for the border.  If the repetition of the border rows dont kill me.  Not to mention, the blanket will no longer be small and portable.   Although with spring officially upon us, I have 8 months before it has to be finished.

Ever since I started crocheting, and learned that people make blankets from squares, I have wanted to make a "through the year" blanket.   Basically make one square per month with differnt monthly themes.  Now that I know how to make squares, I decided to get started on my first three months' worth.  

February, I did as the pattern called.   Easy enough.   Well, I had no idea where to start round 5 so that round 7 would work right, so I muddled through it a few times and still dont think the top center of the heart is great, but it'll do.  I dont have high standards of perfection.

March, I finally found the perfect shamrock and I just used some rows from Waldo's Puzzles to add the green/orange striping to give it some extra inches.  It may still be a bit small, so I will probably go around with the green again once more.

I expected it to be easier to find a snowflake square for January, but it really wasnt.   So I took the flake from this hexagon pattern and squared it out.   I guess I have gotten a little more comfortable with making squares since I did a halfway decent job of throwing around treble and double crochets to make 4 corners and 4 sorta equal sides.   Then I liked the windowpane look from this pattern and thought it went well with the snowflake.

Now, once done, 12 squares of random colors and patterns will probably look like a big hot mess, but I do think my kids will love it.  I will make an effort to pull it all together with the connecting and the border, but I'm still expecting it to be quite fugly.   It's all cotton, so it should at least be a warm mess.   It's definitely a fun project though, really helping me learn lots of different stitches and techniques to add interest, while being creative enough for my eyes not to glaze over.

Now just to figure out what to do for May....

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  1. For May you should do a mama with 3 babies (for Mother's Day).